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Our Classes

We have many types of classes! There is something for everyone.


Heated Power Yoga

This heated, high energy class will get your heart rate up, your body sweating and completely rinsed.  A great workout. Stretching, flowing, & holding poses to come into your power. 


Restorative Candlelight

This class will flow through a slow vinyasa and focus on calming restorative asanas that will leave you feeling at peace and restful.


Gentle Flow

This non heated practice will guide you through your vinyasa at a gentle, controlled pace. You will be focusing on the speed of your breath and be encouraged to create a flow that is linked with your breath. In addition, there will be some extensive floor work that will allow time for the deepen of many postures. All levels welcomed and encouraged.


All Levels Flow

This heated class is design for each student to explore their practice in a way that challenges them to get out of their comfort zone. Students will be guided through vinyasa and encourage to "own" their practice. Some days you may want to challenge your strength, your endurance and other days, you may want to back off, slow down and create ease. Yours to choose.


Yin Yoga

This practice is a perfect compliment to the yang practice of power yoga. With the majority of postures taken on the floor, either seated or lying down, this class is available to every body. The focus in this class is holding postures for 3-5 minutes allowing time for the connective tissue (fascia) to soften and expand. The use of bolsters, blankets and blocks makes this practice accessible to even the most inflexible of bodies. Yin yoga is a quiet, meditative practice that will challenge you but leave you in a state of restfullness and peace.


Ana Forrest Inspired Yoga

Ana Forrest Yoga is known for it’s lengthy holding time in poses, deep abdominal work and creative, healing classes. Practiced in a warm room with elements such as mediation, pranayama, and innovative sequences leading up to apex poses with opportunities to learn something new in each class. The class is designed to empower, strengthen and ignite a passion for living. A true yoga adventure.


Alignment, Strength, & Mindfulness

Join us as Sarah leads our NEW Alignment, Strength, & Mindfulness class every Monday morning from 9:30a-10:45a. In this 75 minute, moderately heated, class Sarah will guide students through a flow and break down poses in order to help students advance their alignment, strength, and mindfulness. Perfect for the student that that is looking to build on their foundational practice and advance their strength and body awareness

Our Workshops

Dive deeper into your yoga practice with our workshop offerings. We are always open to suggestions for other workshops, please contact us for any and all suggestions!


Bend & Brew @ Mocama Brewery

IT'S BACK! Centred on Yoga is thrilled to announce our next offering of Bend & Brew on August 14th from 10-11am. 


Join us for an all-levels flow class hosted in the beautiful Mocama Taproom, team taught by the instructors of Centred on Yoga. This quarter we are thrilled to announce our fundraising partnership with Keep Nassau Beautiful. KNB is an amazing local charity dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of Nassau County. Board members will be at the event sharing ways you can aid in their mission! 

 100% of proceeds raised will go to support Keep Nassau Beautiful. Suggested $20 Donation will be collected at the door (Venmo or Cash accepted). Registration is free, claim your spot! - > HERE!


Arm Balance Workshop: Lifting the Hips

Join us for an informative and fun all-levels workshop that will give you the tools to experience arm balancing poses.
Whether you are new to yoga or a regular practitioner, arm balances are an essential part of building inner and outer strength in your practice. Though these
poses seem to defy gravity, they just take body awareness, regular practice, and proper muscle engagement. Join Sarah in this workshop as she teaches anatomy, energetics, strength drills, and upright arm balances.
This workshop will be filled with laughter, community, and joy. It doesn’t matter if you are just learning yoga or are a seasoned practitioner, this workshop will
challenge each individual to their edge and is great for all-levels.

$35 drop-in. September 18th 12pm-2pm

Register HERE